Youth Problems

The online project  ‘TEENS’ recently launched in Kazakhstan,is aimed to help teenagers cope with their problems. The time between 13 and 16 is a period full of changes as we start to become more grown-up. However,the majority of teens often encounter problems such as misurderstandings with parents,teachers or peers,family quarrels or depression. The reason for […]

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Апрель 9, 2019

Hi, today I want to tell you about intersting event in our school. In our school there will be elctions of the president of school. And this event conserns our class. You can run for school precidency from the 8th grade. It means that our class can take part there. Our classmate Ksenia Prokopyeva decided […]

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Сентябрь 17, 2018

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What to do in summer? 3 examples of summer activities.

Mmm, summer holidays, who don’t like them? June is ends and we have just two months to don’t see textbooks and classes. But when we have full wisdome of school, we often asking a one question «What should I do now?». Somebody going to walk with friends, somebody doing sports and somebody sit at home […]

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Июль 1, 2018


      An interactive whiteboard appeared in the English language office! We are learning how to play. This board is multifunctional. On it you can draw, write and watch various cognitive films. And also the plus is that it is large and everything can be seen very well. Daria Andreevna (our English teacher) has […]

Апрель 27, 2018

Importance of hobbies

Why hobbies is so important? I think that is very interesting question. And now I want to give you some reasons why you shoud have hobbies. So, lets start!  1.Meet New People. If you take part in a hobby that interests you, you will come across people with similar interests and mindsets. Before you know […]

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Апрель 21, 2018

Scientific and Practical Conference «Bastau» !!! ;)

April 14 was a scientific and practical conference «Bastau» about which we promised to tell you about Ailin. It was great, the guys presented very interesting and exciting projects. We were in the English section, where we submitted our project, but read about it in this article 🙂 Projects were in three languages: Kazakh, English […]

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Апрель 18, 2018


As already mentioned in the last article, we with Ailin got the first place at the scientific and practical conference «Bastau» in the section on English language, which we are very happy! We presented a project about our school blog in which you are now …;) Soon we will visit the city scientific and practical […]

Апрель 18, 2018

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Команда SMART

Our students from the 11th grade participated in the regional competition in English. In the first round it was necessary to record video-visiting cards in order to present your room. 2 round was held in the building of KASU, where there was an olympiad task (grammar, vocabulary, etc.). But in the 3rd round they gave […]

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Апрель 13, 2018

Учиться-здорово! :)

Как говориться в одной пословице «Ученье-свет,а не ученье-тьма».                                                Сегодня мы бы хотели рассказать, как занимаются наши гимназисты. В гимназии умные и веселые ребята, которые любят учиться.Они активно отвечают на уроках и занятия […]

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Апрель 12, 2018

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Fashion is my profession

  Today at the English lesson we had a very special topic.The topic was about fashion and clothes. We learned a lot of material about fashion and clothes.Our teacher offered us a special project to create a fashion poster.We took a lot of magazines, cut out fashionable clothes from there and make our own fashion poster. […]

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Апрель 11, 2018

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