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Our students from the 11th grade participated in the regional competition in English. In the first round it was necessary to record video-visiting cards in order to present your room. 2 round was held in the building of KASU, where there was an olympiad task (grammar, vocabulary, etc.). But in the 3rd round they gave a task to talk and a certain topic, where they gave them a chance to prepare, after which a debate took place. And out of 27 schools our girls took 1 place! 🙂 Congratulations and wish them good luck, keep it up!))

And we have a channel, where is their video card, I recommend to view;)

Оur channel:                                        Also you can see all our social networks and contacts, they are in the menu on the main page of the blog! 🙂

Апрель 13, 2018

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