What to do in summer? 3 examples of summer activities.

Mmm, summer holidays, who don’t like them? June is ends and we have just two months to don’t see textbooks and classes.

But when we have full wisdome of school, we often asking a one question «What should I do now?». Somebody going to walk with friends, somebody doing sports and somebody sit at home and can’t find what he will do at summer.
And if you this kind of people, I think that we can improve it. Here you can see some examples of activities in summer.

1. Improve your health and body.
Summer is the best season to make yourself more healthy. You can find a lot of fruits and vegetables with high quality . You can do sports outside. For example running, cycling, fitness, skateboarding and ext.

Group Of Teenage Friends Playing Volleyball On Beach


2. Learn something new.
We have a lot of free time at summer. But more of us can’t spend it with useful. I know that we tired of school, lessons and learning new termins from biology, but learning don’t means something boring. If you always wanted to learn French (or other language), this is your time. You can find a lot of videos on YouTube with interesting lessons.
Or you always wanted to start drawing. Hurry up, time is going on! Take sketchbook and pencils and make your deal. Actually, if you will go outside, you will kill two birds with one stone. You can practice to draw different subjects outside and walk in one time. Is that not perfect

3. Find new friends.
You can easily find new friends everywhere.  If you want, you can meet someone outside, maybe in park. But if you can’t find someone outside, you can do it in internet. You can do it in you favorite social media .
Higher, I said just little list of activities in summer. Everything is in your hands.

Ready, stady, goooo!

Июль 1, 2018

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