Hi, today I want to tell you about intersting event in our school. In our school there will be elctions of the president of school. And this event conserns our class. You can run for school precidency from the 8th grade. It means that our class can take part there. Our classmate Ksenia Prokopyeva decided to try out here. We hope that she will be choosed. And we can tell why she is a great candidature.

First, she has good marks at all subjects. She is pretty intelligent. She can be a role model to our studens.

Second, she is very responsible. She does everything in time. It is a good qualityfor school president.

Third, she is frendly and comunicative girl, she has a lot of friends at school.

Сентябрь 17, 2018

  • good article! I will definitely vote for it!I’m a little bad at writing in English, but I want to tell you that I liked your article.

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